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Littlehampton Veterinary Clinic has New KFC Kittens for Adoption Now

15 Dec Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Littlehampton Veterinary Clinic has five 8 week old kittens for adoption. They are from a feral mother who was trapped near Kentucky fried chicken in Mt Barker when she was pregnant. Her carers have done an extremely good job with these kittens: they are healthy and very well socialised. Purr

Littlehampton Vet, How to Give Your Pets a Healthy Summer

1 Dec Littlehampton Vet News

We at the Littlehampton Vet Clinic know that summer is the season that can cause our pets the most grief: skin allergies, parasitic infections, insect bites, heat stroke and snake bites. I have already discussed the last issue in depth. So lets look at other summer issues. * Skin allergies

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