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Littlehampton Veterinary Clinic has New KFC Kittens for Adoption Now

15 Dec Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Littlehampton Veterinary Clinic has five 8 week old kittens for adoption. They are from a feral mother who was trapped near Kentucky fried chicken in Mt Barker when she was pregnant. Her carers have done an extremely good job with these kittens: they are healthy and very well socialised. Purr

Littlehampton Vet, How to Give Your Pets a Healthy Summer

1 Dec Littlehampton Vet News

We at the Littlehampton Vet Clinic know that summer is the season that can cause our pets the most grief: skin allergies, parasitic infections, insect bites, heat stroke and snake bites. I have already discussed the last issue in depth. So lets look at other summer issues. * Skin allergies

Happy Dog Happy Life, New Pet Food Store In Littlehampton!

30 Nov Littlehampton Vet Nutrition

Littlehampton welcomes a New Pet Food Store With a Difference! They offer the neck bones that I have been recommending for years at discounted prices. Lamb, chicken and turkey necks for 1/4 of the price that you would pay elsewhere. In addition, they sell meat and veggie in cryo-packed plastic,

Your Pet Needs to See the Vet When….

29 Nov Littlehampton Vet News

        Owners are so familiar with their pets normal behaviour that they often intuitively  know when their animal is unwell. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong with your pet, go to your vet. Remember that your furry companion does not show discomfort in the way

Littlehampton Vet- Kitten Update and Meet Our New Special One!

5 Nov Littlehampton Vet Kittens

  Littlehampton Vet has very good news about both the KFC kittens and The Litttehampton Child Care Centre kittens. They have all found wonderful homes and even better, three of the new owners are taking two kittens! The mothers of the kittens from the child care centre have been desexed and are

Cats and Kittens Dumped at Day Care Centre Now Safe at Littlehampton Vet

2 Nov Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Two young half starved female cats and their kittens were dumped early today at the Littlehampton Child Care Centre.  They contacted Littlehampton Vet as did several close neighbours who had also found other kittens. We now have the mothers and 4 of the 7 kittens found around the area. The others have already

New Additions to Littlehampton Vet

24 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

On Friday we received a beautiful brown cat with her litter of three kittens that are about four days old. She was found under a bush at what we presume to be her former home. The owners had moved out the week before. She is definitely not a ferral,  just terrified

Littlehampton Vet KFC Kittens Update

21 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

The five KFC kittens that were brought to Littlehampton Vet are getting healthier by the minute. The tiny little boy has started to eat on his own today. He is 280 grams as opposed to the biggest kitten brought in the day before, weighing it at 386 kg. I have brought him home the

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