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New Additions to Littlehampton Vet

24 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

On Friday we received a beautiful brown cat with her litter of three kittens that are about four days old. She was found under a bush at what we presume to be her former home. The owners had moved out the week before. She is definitely not a ferral,  just terrified

Littlehampton Vet KFC Kittens Update

21 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

The five KFC kittens that were brought to Littlehampton Vet are getting healthier by the minute. The tiny little boy has started to eat on his own today. He is 280 grams as opposed to the biggest kitten brought in the day before, weighing it at 386 kg. I have brought him home the

Littlehampton Vet has Five KFC Kittens!

19 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Great thanks to Cameron who found two KFC kittens  yesterday and went back today to gather three more. The new kittens  brought into Littlehampton Vet today were far weaker than the ones we received yesterday, the mother has killed by a car on Monday so they have gone 48 hours without a feed.

Three More KFC Kittens at Littlehampton Vet!!

19 Oct Littlehampton Vet Uncategorized

We just received three more KFC Stray Kittens!  They are in rough shape compared to the two we got yesterday. Their mother was hit by car Monday so 48 hours without food! Will write more later with photos!

Littlehampton Vet has KFC Kittens!

18 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Many people have observed the stray cat problem around KFC and McDonalds in Mt. Barker. A few days ago a female cat was hit by a car and killed, since that time many have looked for the KFC kittens and today two of the kittens were found and brought to

Mould Toxicity in Dogs

9 Oct Littlehampton Vet Uncategorized

Many people believe that dogs have cast iron stomachs and therefore can eat foods that are we humans would not tolerate, like mouldy food. This is unfortunately not true; mould toxicity is the cause of many agonizing canine deaths and in the worst case scenario closely resembles strychnine poisoning. Mycotoxins

First Dog Snake Bite of the Season

18 Sep Littlehampton Vet Uncategorized

So last Tuesday, September 13, it was freezing cold and raining cats and dogs. That day we saw our first dog snake bite of the season. Snakes come out when median temperature reaches 15 degrees C., on the weekend Spring looked close, close enough to get Brown snakes moving. Our patient

Jasper’s last call for Help

25 Jul Littlehampton Vet Uncategorized

Jasper is a very handsome tabby who needs your help. He came to the clinic over 3 months ago as his owner could no longer keep him. It became our mission to find him a new home as we certainly do not like ‘putting to sleep’ healthy animals.  He is

Pet food labelling -Nutrition

25 Jul Littlehampton Vet Nutrition

Many food companies are selling dry dog and cat food that is lacking in essential nutrients. The result is an obesity epidemic and pets that are surviving rather than thriving. They are overweight because their diets contain far too many carbohydrates and insufficient or poor quality protein. These are the

A Cat’s Sixth Sense – Hermione’s Story

6 Jul Littlehampton Vet Uncategorized

Five years ago a very special litter of kittens arrived at our door, they were only three weeks of age and would require special care. One of the kittens was a third of the size of the others and was so outgoing, always at the front of the cage demanding

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