25 Mar Littlehampton Vet News, Uncategorized

Chinese_Shar-Pei_5445450Dogs that have excessive skinfolds around the face can suffer a variety of health problems such as eye ulcers and breathing problems. Breeds most affected by this problem include: Shar Peis, Pugs, Cocker Spaniels and Boxers. Dogs with excessive skin folds can greatly benefit by surgical removal of the extra skin, a canine facelift.

This is the case history of Ice, a Labrador Retriever, who was  purchased by a client as an adult dog. She suffered from chronic ulcers in both eyes because the skin around here eye was rolled so that the fur was constantly abrading her eyes. Initially, we performed a small surgery to correct the position of her eye lashes. This was not successful because. her skin folds were so excessive. A few months later we decided to perform a full canine facelift. Here is a photo of Ice about to undergo the procedure.

The surgery was a long one, but ultimately really successful.