2 Nov Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Two young half starved female cats and their kittens were dumped early today at the Littlehampton Child Care Centre.  They contacted Littlehampton Vet as did several close neighbours who had also found other kittens. We now have the mothers and 4 of the 7 kittens found around the area. The others have already found themselves homes!



They are not feral cats, all of them are affectionate and loving. The kittens are very different in appearance and they nurse from both of the mother cats; we have no idea who is the mother of whom. The mother cats are at most nine months of age themselves, so really just kittens themselves.

This is such a sad story. Who dumps kind loving cats at a child care centre on the main road at Littlehampton, they could have so easily been hit by a car. The mother cats are bone thin, they are a flea ridden. They all  eat as if they have never seen food before and they purr and roll over for a rub.


new-kittensShame on the people that dump cats!

We will love them and find them beautiful homes.