19 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Great thanks to Cameron who found two KFC kittens  yesterday and went back today to gather three more. The new kittens  brought into Littlehampton Vet today were far weaker than the ones we received yesterday, the mother has killed by a car on Monday so they have gone 48 hours without a feed.

So we now have 4 girls and a boy approximately 4 weeks old. One little black girl was close to death when she arrived, she was unable to stand and was had signs of low blood sugar, shaking and very lethargic. We warmed her quickly and gave her glucose by mouth and subcutaneous fluids. We have worked hard on her all day, syringe feeding her and toileting her every two hours.

We will send an update on her tomorrow. The rest of them are all eating on their own after much effort. Thank you for the positive feedback about Littlehampton Vet. We have taken on over 300 orphaned kittens since the practice opened 11 years ago.

Beautiful Kittens

Beautiful Kittens

Many of these kittens required bottle feeding and like our new little girl, have required intensive care. Such a pleasure when they go to a loving home at 8 weeks of age.

A final note about the mother of these kittens, she lived in the rough, a feral cat lots of people tried to look after her in their own way through several litters.  Imagine her in this weather and keeping five little babies alive. She never asked for this kind of life, but she did it well. Please desex your cats to stop this kind of suffering.