21 Oct Littlehampton Vet Kittens

best-kitten-photo1The five KFC kittens that were brought to Littlehampton Vet are getting healthier by the minute. The tiny little boy has started to eat on his own today. He is 280 grams as opposed to the biggest kitten brought in the day before, weighing it at 386 kg.

I have brought him home the last two nights along with the smallest of his siblings at 350 grams. My goal is that this larger kitten will teach the smallest how to eat with a little help from me. So far this experiment is going well.

I have had a few people come to the clinic to see the kittens that have had an important role in the life of their mother today. One girl who has worked at KFC for  a few years told  me that she used to speak to Momma cat on the speaker before she gave her food. Another woman told me that she discovered the mother cat had been killed by a car, she immediately posted on Facebook, that quick thinking led to so many people searching for the kittens at all hours. Today I met a man who was so grateful to see his beloved stray cat’s kittens at my clinic; he had named her Colonel,  the KFC employees called her Nugget. They all loved her.

I would like to especially thank my nurse, Sharni, who responded  quickly to the Facebook notice that two of the KFC kittens had been found by Cameron and instructed  him to bring them to Littlehampton Vet.The next day he brought in three more! So grateful.

The last three kittens had been without food for 48 hours and one of them needed emergency veterinary medical treatment. He was unable to stand , shaking from low blood glucose, and very cold. He would have died within hours without immediate veterinary care. All of the kittens needed medical treatment and the good news is tonight they are all thriving.

This will be the last update for awhile. Please know that I am very supportive of people that give their time and energy to better the lives of stray cats and dogs. I grew up in a household that had a minimum stray population of five cats at any time. My mother dedicated her life to helping homeless kittens.

Littlehampton Veterinary clinic is committed to this cause and despite rumours to the contrary, we have never euthanised any animal that wasn’t critically ill. If you are an kitten carer, we will be there for you. Just phone us at: 8398 3988.

All the best.