5 Nov Littlehampton Vet Kittens

This new kitten has hind leg deformities and a great attitude, so we are trying!


Littlehampton Vet has very good news about both the KFC kittens and The Litttehampton Child Care Centre kittens. They have all found wonderful homes and even better, three of the new owners are taking two kittens!

The mothers of the kittens from the child care centre have been desexed and are awaiting new homes They are lovely young brown and white tabbies and are extremely affectionate and so bonded to each other: they were both nursing the kittens in a tandem mother/kitten relationship. I would so love to se them go to a new home together.

Three new kittens were delivered to us today. Two were found on the side of the road between Murray Bridge and Nairne. Good Samaritans brought tow little have starved little brown tabby males that are approximately 5 weeks old. They are eating well, but will them take some time to recover from their ordeal.

The third kitten, a 4 week old black girl was brought to us from a cat rescuer from Milang. This kittens appears bright and healthy, but she suffers from severe hind leg deformities. I initially thought that I would have to put her to sleep immediately, but, I just couldn’t. She is a goer! Keen to learn how to eat and trying so hard to walk and learn how to be a playful kitten. I would never try to rehome her, if she makes it , she can live me with me and join my crew of disabled happy cats. Sending photo.

deformed-kitten-2Wish us luck!