19 Nov Littlehampton Vet Kittens

Exactly two weeks ago The Littlehampton Veterinary Clinic  received a kitten in a cardboard box, she has severe hind limb deformities and was starved. The person that brought her in was trying to be kind when she said to just kill her, that she would never have a normal life. I cried when I saw her, her back legs were fused into a Y position. It was very possible that she would never be able to walk or even feed herself.

But, we gave her a go. I paired her with one of the healthy KFC kittens named Spike and brought her home for a week. It took awhile for her to master eating, but, after a few days she got it! She tried hard to follow Spike around but eventually she managed a combination of frog like jumping with a lot of sliding. In the last week she has perfected this technique and is nearly as fast as the “normal” kittens. She jumps, rattles and roles and never ceases to amaze us. There is no apparent pain and she is now very independent. I hope to figure out a way to send a video of her to all of you.  We have named her Bolt, after another famous runner. She is a miracle for us and an inspiration. I will attempt to send a Bolt video. The bottom line is that she shows no sign of pain and is thriving.bolt-photobolt-photobolt-photo