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Our pets can be left to their own devices for hours each day due to our busy lifestyles, but can we still have happy and healthy pets and maintain our busy schedules?

Most pets are highly intelligent and social animals who need to have quality daily interaction with their humans – playing, training, going for a walk, grooming and massage or even just sitting around watching TV together are great ways to do this.

But what about those times we can’t be at home to spend time with our pets, how do you exercise your pet’s body, mind and senses?

Toys, toys and more toys are a great way to do this as long as you make sure the toys are appropriate for your pet – toys that are too small, have pieces that can be broken off or are easily destroyed can be a choking hazard or injury risk to your pet. Any broken toys should be thrown away no matter how loved they are by your pet! Rotate your pet’s toys by collecting them up at the end of the day, washing them and putting new toys out the next day – this will not only keep your pet interested in their toys, they will last longer too.

Animals naturally forage for food so why not make your pet work for its treat by hiding the treat in a puzzle toy for them to find when you are away from them. Toys which can be filled with water and frozen are also great to cool our pets down while they play on a hot day.

Never give your pet toys that look like everyday objects that they are not normally allowed to touch – your pet won’t understand why it’s allowed to chew on an old shoe but not allowed to chew up your brand new designer high heels!

Don’t forget that dogs have a strong sense of smell that we frequently overlook so going on runs and walks, even short ones, are not just about exercise for our canine buddies, it lets them engage their senses to see and smell new things.